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Are you passionate about educational issues? Do you want to get involved with campaigns and activities? Then join the Education Collective.

What is the Education Collective?The Education Collective is a FUSA student-run group that aims to influence the shape of education and the student experience on your campus. It is a Student Council initiative for all students, which incorporates the activities of the Education Officer, the Postgraduate Officer and the General Secretary.

By joining the Collective you will have the opportunity to be involved in (or even initiate) campaigns and activities. Educational issues are diverse and encompassing – they can range from assessment issues right through to Federal Government policy. Some of our current activities include:

  • Opposing university fee deregulation
  • Assisting and/or setting up School-based associations
  • Creating a Postgraduate Student Association
  • Supporting the experience of first year students

Do you want to commit to doing something straight away? Then sign-up to be on one of our sub-committees.


Meet your Education Collective representatives


Name: Caleb Pattinson
Position: Education Officer
Degree: Bachelor of Education and Science

What does the Education Officer do?

A lot. The Education Officer is the pivotal player in driving FUSA’s campaigns and initiatives around educational issues. At times this can be political – as we are currently seeing with the legislation the current Government is trying to pass around higher education – but can also be related to Flinders at a more localised level. In the past the Education Officer has successfully transitioned the University to online assessment and better lecture recording quality.

What are the important issues that drive you?

Students at Flinders University are often lacking the drive to better represent not only other students, but even to represent themselves. This year we are implementing a number of initiatives to increase student involvement around issues that affect the student body at large and to try and create excitement and awareness towards what we are doing. At a school-based level we want to formulate student associations that will represent you and your educational needs specific to the degree you are studying. Rather than whinging about the current culture on campus I decided to get involved and begin making a difference to University life – I hope you, as a student, will join me.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things what would they be?

A cricket set, people to play cricket with and food of course!


Name: ​Shannon Abeywardena
Position: Post Graduate Officer
Degree: Health Sciences

What does being the Postgraduate Officer mean?
I help bring Flinders post-graduate students together to voice our opinions and concerns about post-graduate student life and education!

What campaigns are you working on at the moment?
1) Setting up a Post Graduate Student Association
2) Writing and Publishing a Post-Graduate Student Newsletter
3) Getting People Involved in Our New Education Collective

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things what would they be?
1) An Umbrella (for rain or shine)
2) A Disney Thomas Kinkade 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
3) My Rosary


Name: ​Grace Hill
Position: General Secretary
Degree: Bachelor of Government and Public Management

What does the General Secretary do?
The General Secretary calls meetings of the Student Council, organises the Student Council’s correspondence, helps clubs, and organises the First Year subcommittee. Contact me if you are a concerned First Year student and you want to be part of the sub-committee.

What are the important issues that drive you?
​Marxism, student rights, social justice.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things what would they be?
A radio, a large boat, and sunscreen.