2017 Editors – Eleanor Danenberg, Liam McNally & Lisandra Linde

Empire Times is the student magazine of Flinders University. It is independently run (by you: the students!), but regulated and funded by FUSA and, in particular, the Student Council. There are three elected editors and the magazine has 10 issues over the course of the academic year.

From its very first editorial in 1969, Empire Times has proudly numbered among Australia’s most radical, creative, and forward-thinking student magazines. Unfortunately, with the abolishment of voluntary student unionism, Empire Times was abandoned in 2006. In 2012, the FUSA Student Council approved the reestablishment of Empire Times to continue where it stopped in 2006. In 2013 a new team of editors was elected and began the 40th year of publication of Empire Times.

Empire Times has little to no advertising revenue. Therefore, it relies on the SSAF funding FUSA receives.

In the past Empire Times has broken major stories, leading to a good reputation within South Australia and nationally. Many editors have since gone into journalism and politics with notable editors.

Empire Times acts as a platform for emerging talents at Flinders University. Would you like to see your name within the pages? Do you want to express yourself? Empire Times has a readership of roughly 60,000 people each year—so you should definitely consider contributing.

If you fancy yourself a writer, artist, photographer, big thinker, critic or designer, contact the editorial team at empire.times@flinders.edu.au. You can find issues on and around campus, as well as online.

For submissions deadlines go to empiretimes.com.au.

For advertising queries email stephanie.walker@flinders.edu.au.

For updates, follow the magazine on Facebook: