10 Tips To Land a Graduate Job

The current job market is a tough one, with many recent graduates struggling to find a job. In 2014, Graduate Careers Australia found that only 68% of the over 100,000 graduates surveyed had fulltime employment four months after graduating – which doesn’t show how many...

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Spotlight on Student Council: ALI ROUSH

Meet your FUSA Environment Officer, Ali Roush!   What are you studying? Honours (Environmental Management)   Is there a quote or philosophy that you live by? ‘If you leave the world a better place than when you came, your life was worth living’   What do you want to achieve this year? There is more I want to...

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10 Ways To Give Back

          1. Donate blood Why not save lives this semester? Flinders University usually hosts the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for an on campus blood drive, making it convenient for students to give back. If you can’t wait, the closest donor centre is Marion Donor Centre: Marion Donor...

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Where to Buy (Cheap) Textbooks

Still haven't stocked up on textbooks this semester? Totally understandable. Textbooks are expensive, whether you need that one medical tome or ten novels and a reader to get you through the semester. Here's where you can get some on the cheap:           Flinders University Textbook Buy and Sell: Flinders...

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