Where to Buy (Cheap) Textbooks

Still haven’t stocked up on textbooks this semester? Totally understandable. Textbooks are expensive, whether you need that one medical tome or ten novels and a reader to get you through the semester. Here’s where you can get some on the cheap:

Help me, I'm poor






Flinders University Textbook Buy and Sell: Flinders students have our very own Facebook page to buy and sell textbooks. Scroll through the entries or post a call out for the books you need. You can nab some bargains here.

Faculty Student Association: Your student faculty association may be able to connect you with buyers and sellers of textbooks. The Flinders Law Student Association, for example, hosts a textbook exchange.

Online Retailers (e.g. Amazon/Ebay): Search for second-hand books through online retailers. Just make sure you grab the right edition and check where it’s coming from – postage can undo all those sweet savings.

StudentVIP: StudentVIP offers an Australia-wide textbook exchange. You can search via ISBN, title or author. They usually have more than one copy of a title, so it can be a better bet than something like Flinders’ Facebook exchange.

Flinders library: You won’t be able to use library textbooks all semester or take them into exams, but using these resources you can cut down the costs of studying. Also consider whether you’ll be able to get access during peak times: before an assignment is due or throughout SWOTVAC.

If you can’t find your textbooks elsewhere or you don’t get yourself organised before you need them for class, you can still fall back on buying them new. While they’ve been slated to close, Unibooks is still operating and operating in the plaza.

You can also get new textbooks from:


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