10 Ways To Give Back

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1. Donate blood

Why not save lives this semester? Flinders University usually hosts the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for an on campus blood drive, making it convenient for students to give back. If you can’t wait, the closest donor centre is Marion Donor Centre:

Marion Donor Centre
1 Milham Street
Oaklands Park 5046 SA
Call 13 14 95 to make an appointment

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2. Become a mentor

There are numerous mentoring opportunities at Flinders University. Many schools and faculties provide peer mentors who guide and support first year students through their first semester of university. Contact the First-Year Director of First Year Studies in your degree to find out more. Flinders University also supports the Inspire Mentor Program, connecting tertiary mentors to primary and secondary school students. This can be undertaken via face-to-face or technology.

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3. Join a student council

Being elected to a student council provides the opportunity to enact change in your school (e.g. Law), faculty (e.g. Humanities) or university. It is a larger time commitment – usually a year-long term – where you can enact campaigns, represent other students and run events. You will be informed of nominations deadlines and election dates via student email. They usually occur around August or September.







4. Join a sub-committee or collective

If you like the idea of contributing to events, campaigns and ideas on campus, FUSA’s sub-committees and collectives are a great way to do it. They assist the Student Council to represent students and enact change. You could be doing anything from advocating for more car parking at Bedford Park, to organising a food drive for the local homeless shelter.








5. Share your passion with Empire Times

Do you have an issue you care about? Whether it’s a systematic problem in your degree (like how hard it is to get a placement) or a wider concern (like climate change or global poverty), Empire Times is a great way to highlight issues or call students to action. You’d also be supporting a magazine dedicated to Flinders students and building campus culture.

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6. Give feedback

Constructive criticism is one of the best ways to improve the degree and university experience for future students. Completing the SET survey, like all those email reminders tell us, is an important way to engage with improving Flinders.


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7. Say thank you

If a lecturer delivers a wonderfully engaging topic, if you receive extra help or support from a lecturer or if a lecturer does goes above and beyond for you, send a thank you note. Even if it’s a quick email to express your gratitude at the end of the semester, it will brighten your lecturer’s day.

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8. Attend and participate

Support your fellow students by attending their performances, exhibitions or demonstrations – whether you enjoy theatre, art or Indonesian gamelan orchestra. Go to the events run by students, for students. Engage with students in the plaza. These are the things that build a vibrant campus culture.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna







9. Recycle on campus

A clean, rubbish-free campus is the best kind, right? Put your rubbish in the bin and if you see a stray piece of plastic the ground, bin that too. There are also recycling bins around campus. Use them. Hold onto your recycling until you find one if there’s not one nearby.

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10. Organise a study group

Work together with other students in a study group. This can reduce the stress and workload of everyone involved, building each other up in the process.

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