TED Talks for Students










TED Talks are interesting, amusing and informative, covering just about every topic on and off the planet. They’re also crazy convenient – coming in a mass of lengths, languages and mediums (Youtube, podcasts, in person). With so many to choose from, where do you start?

Here are out recommendations:

Amanda Palmer talks about the power of asking.

Magician Brian Miller discusses how to understand different perspectives and connect with people.

Carrie Green talks about programming your mind for success.

Eleanor Longden goes to college and starts hearing voices.

Eunice Hii talks about the problems with following your passion.

Josh Kaufman loves to learn and wants to do it quickly.

Julian Treasure gives the seven sins of speaking and wants you to speak so that people want to listen.

Meg Jay doesn’t want you to throw away your 20s.

Reggie Rivers explains why you shouldn’t focus on your goals.

Slam poet Sarah Kay speaks about the world, its disappointments and what she would tell her daughter.

Scott Dinsmore wants you to find what you love and do it.

Scott Hess knows generations and their differences.

Susan Cain talks about the power of being an introvert.

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