Further Study, Is It For Me?

There are plenty of reasons to keep studying – some good, some bad. Here’s our guide to knowing the difference.







Good reasons!

  • Personal enjoyment: if you are interested in and enthused by a subject, let this influence your decision. Follow your passion.
  • To get specialist skills: Some skills can only be learned through postgraduate study.
  • To change career direction: If you have one degree or career path, doing another degree can help you switch paths.
  • It is required in your industry: Do you need a postgraduate qualification to get the job you want?
  • To pursue a PhD: Some people don’t ever want to leave uni, so they become academics!








Bad reasons!

  • To improve your career prospects: This isn’t always the case. Look into your industry and ask yourself whether further study will actually help you. In a lot of cases, having a postgraduate education has no affect. Some people actually struggle to gain employment because they are perceived as overqualified.
  • To boost your GPA: It won’t change your transcript.
  • To maintain a student lifestyle or buy time: The job market isn’t going to get any easier. If you’re not ready now, another degree is probably not the answer. Plus you’re just racking up that debt.


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