The 5 Lecturers You’ll Meet At Uni

Hate, hate, hate







The One Who Hates Students

This lecturer is constantly unhappy – usually to the point of anger – and who will usually take their frustrations out on you. They leave us with one burning question: why do it, if you hate it? You’ll probably be scared of them. They are the lecturer that calls on the people who seem the least prepared, never has a kind word to say, and probably marks harshly. Avoid them if you can.








The Lazy One

This lecturer puts in less than half of the effort required to teach a topic. It can go one of two ways: they set you up for an easy, chilled out semester of low level requirements and lax rules, or they stress you out with their inability to release vital assignment/exam information, don’t return marks and waste your time by not rocking up to lectures.











The Storyteller

This lecturer puts Russian authors to shame with their long, winding stories. Of a lecture, 10% might be relevant. The rest will be stories about the content in practice (good), loosely related metaphors (okay) or random stories about their life/youth/holiday (bad). You’ll probably see a little bit of The Storyteller in a few of your lecturers…








The Smartest Person You’ve Ever Met

This lecturer knows everything there is to know about their subject. They are a better resource than the internet. Sometimes all that knowledge is too much and their lectures sound like being taught Latin in Greek through two thin walls of bubblewrap. Other times, this will be the lecturer who inspires you.










The Campus Fave

This lecturer has too many teaching awards to fit in their office. They love seeing student thrive. They set interesting, accessible course material and make the topic interesting. Chances are, they’re funny or they know how to laugh. Everyone wants to be in their classes, no matter what the subject. Cherish them.


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