Handwriting vs Typing

It’s the essential debate for notetaking: handwriting versus typing. Are you getting the most out of your notes? If not, it might be time to try something new…           #TeamHandwriting 1.     It’s non-linear. You can draw diagrams quickly, write in the margins, use arrows, mind map, draw pictures...

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Student Council Election Results!

                Congratulations to our 2017 Student Council! STUDENT PRESIDENT Jordon O’Reilly GENERAL SECRETARY Christopher Norman EDUCATION OFFICER Hamish Richardson WOMEN'S OFFICER Grace Hensel WELFARE OFFICER Hilary Wigg POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS OFFICER Katt Hatzi INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OFFICER Vieshnavee Pandiyan INDIGENOUS STUDENTS OFFICER Paige Leedham QUEER OFFICER Khyle Milne ENVIRONMENT OFFICER Jacinta Robinson DISABILITIES OFFICER Kathryn Gallagher SOCIAL ACTIVITIES OFFICER Ashley Sutherland MATURE AGE OFFICER Pauline Bullock GENERAL COUNCIL MEMBERS (SIX POSITIONS) Amy Hueppauff Brodie McGee Sean Cullen-Macaskill Laurence Lacoon...

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Message from your Student Prez

Today we have a message from your Student Council President, Caleb Pattison:   Dear students, You are likely to be aware that the university is considering a restructure of the current faculties and schools into six colleges. If you haven't had an opportunity to explore the issue, you can...

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