How to Get (and Stay) Organised

Exams and final assessments are just a month away! If you’re not already organised, use our tips and tricks to get on top of looming deadlines and revision.








Utilise your calendars: Sync the calendars on all your devices and colour code activities (e.g. Uni, Social, Fitness). This way, you won’t miss anything and you’ll be constantly seeing those important dates—so you’re more likely to leave enough time to do that pesky assignment or study for exams.








Keep a ‘to do’/notes list: Whether it’s a small notebook or a memo on your phone, jot down all those random epiphanies about tasks, ideas or resources. This isn’t for the big things—like uni classes, assignment due dates, or birthdays (maybe you have a sudden thought about that upcoming essay, or just need to remember to wash your hair). It’s for the small stuff. The things you might otherwise forget.







Set goals: Set daily and weekly goals. These will help you stay on track and work towards longer projects. If you need extra motivation, find a buddy and compete against each other to see who can finish more goals over the course of a week.







Track your habits: Use a weekly or monthly habit tracker to work out where you spend time, money and energy. It can help you work out how to improve your time management, become more productive or give you motivation to live a healthier life.








Set aside dedicated study time: If you struggle to do readings or draft assignments, set aside an amount of time to that one task. Turn off the internet (this requires you to do any research beforehand, if you’re assignment writing) and really focus on the task. Work towards an end goal and reward yourself when you get there.

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