Celebrities with Surprising Degrees

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is best known for her role in Desperate Housewives, but she also has her Bachelor of Science in kinesiology and Masters in Chicano Studies with her thesis, ‘The Value of Latinas in STEM Careers.’

James Franco has appeared in a range of films, including the Spider Man franchise, 127 DaysPineapple Express. He is also the king of study. He simultaneous studied and achieved graduate degrees in writing (Columbia University), filmmaking (New York University) and fiction writing (Brooklyn College). He is currently a PhD candidate in English at Yale University.

Kanye West is a hip hop artist known for his award winning music, outrageous statements and marriage to Kim Kardashian. He was also awarded an honorary PhD from the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ken Jeong is easily recognised for his work in The Hangover franchise and popular sitcom Community. But you probably don’t know that Jeong studied and practised medicine before turning his sights on the entertainment industry.

Lisa Kudrow from Friends is trained as a Psychobiologist.

Mayim Bialik, of The Big Bang Theory fame, isn’t just a science genius on the screen – she has a PhD in neuroscience.

Michael Jordan went back to university after three years of a phenomenal career with the NBA to finish his degree in Geography.

Natalie Portman wasn’t afraid to risk her acting career (Star Wars, V for VendettaBlack Swan) to get a Psychology degree in 2003.

Ray Romano, whose name is synonymous with Everybody Loves Raymond, not only studied accounting – he also made the Dean’s list three times.

Rowan Atkinson is far from Mr Bean in real life; he has a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Will Ferrell (AnchormanStep BrothersStranger than Fiction) graduated a Bachelor degree in Sports Information, aspiring to be a sports broadcasting before turning his sights on acting.

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