5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flinders







1. Weird collections

There are some pretty kooky things in the library. Did you know about Special Collections? They store things like the Badge Collection, Christmas Card Collection and Flinders University Wine Bottles and Beer Can Collection. You may find something useful to your studies here.


2. Trim the Cat

You know that cat in all the Flinders photos on social media? That’s Trim, who was an actual, real, living feline in the 1800s and not just a random university mascot. Trim accompanied Matthew Flinders on the ship that circumnavigated the coastline of Australia.


3. Urban Paddock

The name ‘Urban Paddock’ was taken from a 1963 Don Dunstan quote, referring to the Flinders University site. Urban Paddock is also the brilliant caravan vendor in the Student Hub, brought to us by the lovely people of Myrtle & Mae.


4. Free fitness on campus

There is often free fitness on campus – and we don’t mean walking to class or around the lake. Keep an eye on FUSA and Flinders One for offers. Flinders One runs the following sessions, free for students!

Boot camp: Tues & Thurs 7am
Yoga: Wed 5.30pm
Zumba: Tuesday 5.30pm
Weekly running group


5. Student kitchens and appliances

You don’t have to buy food to survive at Flinders! There are plenty of microwaves, sandwich presses, kettles and other appliances for students. The Hub has a brand new student kitchen. Also check out Oasis and the kitchenette in front of North Theatre 4.

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