Job Application and Resume Tools

Are you a job seeker or looking at the job market for when you graduate? There are plenty of handy tools you can use to make this easier.


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Canva makes it easy for non-designers to create simple, stunning graphics. It uses drag and drop, templates, stock photos and other nifty tools. So if you need a poster, LinkedIn post header or banner, presentation, magazine, resume, or infographic, Canva is an easy way to design. There are plenty of other similar, resume-specific design websites—like, Creddle and others!

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LinkedIn is a digital portfolio that connects to other professionals, businesses and content. Keep track of your colleagues, access information about companies and others in your field, and share your expertise. While you’re at it, don’t discount the value of other social media like Facebook and Twitter. A great Facebook group or curated Twitter list will bring in plenty of job opportunities.

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Flinders Careers Centre

Flinders Careers Centre can help you with career direction, job applications, getting experience and developing professional skills. Drop in and see us at Flinders Connect with your resume or make an appointment with one of the Career Development Consultants. You can also download their handy resume templates or cover letter examples.

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Email subscriptions

Email subscriptions are an easy way to job search—removing the ‘search’ component and bringing jobs straight to your inbox. You can subscribe to SEEK, CareerOne or Indeed. Plus you can find plenty of industry-specific websites.


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Online courses

Free or cheap online courses are a great way to spice up your resume or fill some gaps! Check out Future Learn, Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Alison, Open Culture, Academic Earth, or Udemy. Lesson Paths is another fun one which curates educational videos.

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Salary calculators

Salary calculators are a great way to figure out your expected salary, without the guesswork. For this one, it’s best to do a Google—every industry is different! Just make sure you take into account location, experience and whether there are any industry-wide organisations.

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