Further Study, Is It For Me?

There are plenty of reasons to keep studying – some good, some bad. Here’s our guide to knowing the difference.           Good reasons! Personal enjoyment: if you are interested in and enthused by a subject, let this influence your decision. Follow your passion. To get specialist skills: Some skills can...

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Spotlight on Student Council: PRASHANTH (PRASH) MAGANDRAM

Meet your FUSA International Officer, Prash Magandram! What are you studying and what year are you in? Masters of Teaching English as a Second Language and in my final year. Fingers crossed! Is there a personal quote or philosophy that you live by?  “If you think you’re too small to make a difference,...

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Getting Shit Done

                To Do Lists This is the most basic technique for keeping track of tasks and deadlines. It comes naturally to most people. There are plenty of ‘grocery list’ style apps – or you could use a piece of paper and a pen. App recommendations: Wunderlist Todoist Any.do               The Kanban Method This one...

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The Reality of Being a Student

By Caleb Pattinson, Student President Being a student in 2016 is incredibly tough. One of the worst parts about being Student President is when I’m contacted by students and academics who are concerned about levels of student poverty and welfare. We already know that 2/3 of...

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TED Talks for Students

                TED Talks are interesting, amusing and informative, covering just about every topic on and off the planet. They’re also crazy convenient – coming in a mass of lengths, languages and mediums (Youtube, podcasts, in person). With so many to choose from, where do you start? Here...

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Spotlight on Student Council: CHRISTINE BENNETTS

Meet your FUSA Postgraduate Officer, Christine Bennetts! What are you studying and what year are you in? I am in the 2nd year of my PhD in International Relations. I am looking at the roles of women in genocide and atrocities. Is there a quote or philosophy that you live by? 'Maintain your...

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5 Editing Tips to Improve Your Assignments

            1. Conciseness Concise writing can directly correlate to improved grades. If you can communicate clearly in fewer words, you’re at an advantage. This often comes from drafting and redrafting. Also learn which words you can delete from your vocabulary (e.g. really, very). Phrases like ‘In this...

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Spotlight on Student Council: ALFRED LOWE

Meet your FUSA Indigenous Officer, Alfred Lowe!   What are you studying and what year are you in? First Year in a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Politics   Is there a personal quote or philosophy that you live by?  “Whatever you are, be a good one”   What do you want to achieve this year? This year...

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Waste Awareness at Flinders

As Australians we generate over 50 billion tonnes of waste, of which only about 50% is recycled. We also throw away 4,000,000 tonnes, or $8 billion, worth of edible food EACH YEAR! This waste has huge environmental implications, using huge amounts of precious land, water and fertilizer,...

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10 Tips To Land a Graduate Job

The current job market is a tough one, with many recent graduates struggling to find a job. In 2014, Graduate Careers Australia found that only 68% of the over 100,000 graduates surveyed had fulltime employment four months after graduating – which doesn’t show how many...

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