Expressions of Interest – FUSA Club Regulations Committee

FUSA has identified a number of issues with the existing Clubs, Collectives & Academic Associations Regulations, and seeks to create a comprehensive set of regulations that addresses university requirements, FUSA objectives and the needs of the FUSA Clubs & Associations community. FUSA is consequently forming a committee to develop a new set of regulations, and is seeking the assistance of experienced executive members of FUSA-affiliated Clubs and Academic Associations.

Regulations Committee Member Responsibilities
Members of the Club Regulations Committee would be expected to commit approximately 15 hours in meetings, running from Week 2 of the second semester until approximately November 2020. To ensure they can actively contribute in meetings, committee members would also be required to spend approximately 15 hours reviewing supplied documentation outside of these meetings.

Committee members will be required to actively contribute toward discussions regarding the development of a new set of regulations that will be used to govern the operations of all FUSA affiliated Clubs, Collectives and Academic Associations. Consequently, it is essential that committee members have ample experience in an executive role in a FUSA affiliate (e.g. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or equivalent). Knowledge or experience with governance and/or drafting rules, regulations and policies would be greatly beneficial in this role.

Skill/Experience Requirements of Regulations Committee Members
Committee Members would be expected to possess the following experience/skills:

  • Experience in an Executive (preferred) or Committee role in a FUSA affiliated Club/Association.
  • A sound understanding of FUSA’s existing Clubs, Collectives & Academic Associations Regulations and their application in FUSA affiliated Clubs/Associations.
  • A sound understanding of at least one (preferably more) of the following: managing Club/Association operations, event/activity safety requirements, finances, rules/by-laws and/or conducting General Meetings/Elections.

While this is a voluntary position, committee members will be compensated for their time and associated expenses (to a maximum of $1,000 for attending and participating in 15 meetings); to be paid following completion of the last Club Regulations Committee meeting.  

Expressions of Interest
Submit your application via the form below NO LATER than Thursday 30th of July via the form below. Successful applicants will be contacted with details of the meetings. Meetings are anticipated to begin from week 2 of the second semester.