Jobs – Terms & Conditions

1. Prohibited Listings
1.1. The following types of job advertisements are prohibited from being listed on the FUSA website:

(a) Commission only jobs
(b) Independent contractor arrangements
(c) Jobs requiring the purchase of any equipment
(d) Jobs requiring payment for consideration of the application
(e) Jobs which unfairly or illegally discriminate based on the employee’s characteristics
(f) Unpaid work arrangements which are unlawful under the Fair Work Act 2009
(g) Jobs which are not considered genuine employment relationships
(h) Jobs which do not comply with applicable legislation or legislative instruments
(i) Jobs which require the employee to live on premises or have unpredictable and erratic hours of work
(j) Jobs which are illegal in nature or contribute to an illegal activity

2. Requirements of Job Advertisements
2.1. The body of the job advertisement must contain:

(a) Job title
(b) Description and duties
(c) Skills required
(d) Experience required
(e) Hours offered
(f) Location
(g) Rate of pay
(h) Application closing date if applicable

2.2. The contact details of the job advertisement must contain:

(a) The name of the individual or organisation advertising the job vacancy
(b) A contact email address
(c) The individual or organisation’s website, if available
(d) A brief description about the organisation and industry
(e) The individual or organisation’s Australian Business Number (ABN), where one exists
(f) An adequate description of the nature of the work being offered.

3. Discretion of the Flinders University Student Association
3.1. All job advertisements are subject to the discretion of the Flinders University Student Association.
3.2. Any job advertisement may be terminated at any time without notification or explanation.
3.3. Modifications may be made to any job advertisement without notification or explanation.
3.4. Flinders University Student Association may require additional information to be added to a job advertisement before accepting the job advertisement.

Additional information
For more information on pay rates and employment arrangements, please refer to the following resources:
• Fair Work Australia at
• Fair Work Ombudsman – essential information for all employers at
• Fair Work Online – includes information about pay scales and conditions
• Fair Work Information Line on 1300 799 675
• Office of the Employee Ombudsman
• For information about Equal Opportunity requirements in SA please see