Re-Mark Requests

Often at different points of a student’s degree they may be disappointed with their grade, and have good reasons to think the grade is unfair.

As with any disputes within the University, it is worthwhile consulting the policies and procedures which can be found through the main Flinders University website through the following link; The section relating to review of marks or re-marking is Section 15 of the Assessment Policies and Procedures.

The policy outlines the first part of the resolution process which is to contact the Topic Coordinator. There are deadlines associated with the request for a re-mark; contact with the Topic Coordinator must take place within 10 working days (weekends and public holidays are not counted as working days) upon the return of the assignment.

If you are dissatisfied with outcome of the contact with the Topic Coordinator or if you don’t receive a response, you can make a written request to the Dean (Education) of your College asking for a re-mark (again) within 10 working days of the date of the discussion with the topic coordinator. There must be sufficient academic grounds that you can demonstrate, such as showing your competency in this assignment and describing why the grade is wrong or unfair.

It is also useful in this process to develop your arguments as to why the grade is unfair. It is not enough to just disagree with the grade, you must be able to make a case about why you think it’s too low.

The Dean (Education) of your College decides whether the re-mark is justified and will contact you. If the Dean decides a re-mark is justified they will arrange for a re-marking of the assessment exercise. It is very important to note that this is the final mark regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the original mark.

If the Dean (Education) of the College decides not to grant a re-mark then you may lodge an appeal with the Students Appeals Committee within 20 working days with the Manager, Student Policy and Projects. It must be accompanied by evidence and grounds as to why the grade is wrong or unfair.

In this process, Student Assist is available to explain and inform you of your options, and provide guidance through the appeal process including explaining the meaning and requirements of policies.