Nominations are now open for students for the below position to hold office from 1 February to 30 November 2018.


  • Postgraduate Students Officer

This position will be filled by an appointment process overseen by Student Council. Click here for more details


Only students who are enrolled as a Postgraduate student at Flinders University can apply.


A nomination form and instructions on how to nominate can be found here: doc

Student Council is the governing body of the Flinders University Student Association (FUSA).
The functions and purpose of FUSA are to:

  • promote and advance the rights, interests and welfare of students;
  • represent students within and outside the University;
  • co-ordinate and support activities for students, including the provision of support for affiliated clubs;
  • provide the means for effective communication between students, the Association and the University;
  • oversee the delivery of student services, which are funded from the Student Services and Amenities Fee and are the responsibility of the Manager, Student Engagement; and
  • deliver other services, amenities and programs for students funded from the membership fee and other income received by the Association.

As a Student Council representative, you will have the opportunity to represent all students at the highest levels of the University to ensure that the student voice is heard when it comes to academic and campus life.


Hours per week: 3 hours (approximate)

Honorarium: $3,000 pa (pro rata)

 Postgraduate Students Officer shall:

  • be a Postgraduate student;
  • collect and provide information on the needs of Postgraduate students to the Student Council;
  • liaise with other bodies that provide representation and, personal and academic support to Postgraduate students;
  • be responsible for the coordination and implementation of campaigns on issues of importance to Postgraduate students;
  • provide the Student Council with a written report of his/her activities as Postgraduate Officer at each meeting of the Student Council;
  • chair the Postgraduate Students Collective comprising of Postgraduate students;
  • communicate the activities of the Student Council to the Postgraduate Students Sub-Committee;
  • Spend the equivalent of at least three (3) hours a week performing these duties; and
  • As a formal part of Student Council handover, provide incoming council members, particularly direct successors, with a written handover report. The report shall outline initiatives undertaken, successes and challenges in the role, key relationships built and recommendations for the future. This report will be provided to incoming council members at the Student Council Induction.

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Student Council Vacancy by Appointment Timeline

Postgraduate Students Officer

Nominations Open  9:00am        December 4, 2017
Nominations Close  5:00pm        December 11, 2017

Appointment Process

An appointment process overseen by the Student Council will be conducted to fill the position of Postgraduate Students Officer. Once nominations close candidates will be shortlisted by the Casual Vacancy Selection Panel and a decision on the successful candidate will be made by all Student Council members at the Council meeting in late January 2018. All candidates will be notified of the final appointment as soon as possible after the Student Council meet.

Copies of the Flinders University Student Association Constitution and Election Regulations are available from the Student Association (Level 1 Student Hub, Central Campus) or at