Introducing the Student Representation Network!

We are thrilled to announce the successful 2023 launch of the Student Representation Network at Flinders University.

The Student Representation Network brings together student representatives from across Flinders University in a forum for discussion, collaboration, and change. Flinders University has hundreds of reps – in Topics and Courses – as well as students who sit on University Committees and other decision-making bodies. Until now there hasn’t been a place where we all can come together and share experiences and perspectives.

Th Student Representation Network is a chance for reps to meet each other, network with like-minded individuals, and share ideas on how we can create a better experience for all. The Student Representation Network provides advice to FUSA on empowering student representatives at the University, strengthening student participation in University decision-making, and on other matters raised by student representatives across the University. We ask for rep feedback on a specific policy or issue that the FUSA Education Officer is developing a position on, which they can then take to University committees and decision-makers.

may meeting 2023

A photo of the first Student Representation NetworkThe first meeting of the Student Representation Network was held on 4 May on Bedford Park campus. More than 50 reps gathered from every part of the University to provide feedback and advice on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the learning Experience.
This meeting was a huge success and we would like to thank all the reps who attended.
A report has been produced by the FUSA Education Officer and Student Representation team that provides an overview of the discussion and a set of recommendations. You can download the report below.


We’re happy to announce that the time has been set for the second gathering of the Student Representation Network (SRN).

When: Thursday, 31 August from 12pm – 1.30pm.

Where: Alere Function Room, top level of the Student Hub (Bedford Park) and online

RSVP:  By 28 August using the link provided on the Student Reps Space

For new reps, the SRN is our semesterly gathering of reps from all across the University. Chaired by the FUSA Education Officer, Jess Williams, you can share your thoughts and experiences to help inform decision-making at the University. The first meeting of the SRN discussed AI and the learning experience. From your feedback we produced a report that has been shared in University committees.

Theme is ‘The Principles of Meaningful Engagement.’

We’ve all heard the term ‘Student Engagement’ tossed around on campus – it’s a big thing at Flinders and across other Universities in Australia. But let’s admit it: with its constant use, the real meaning can get a bit lost.

We are looking to develop a simple set of principles to share with the University that can be used to design engagement and assess engagement efforts – in the classroom, in committees, in College activities and the wider University.

This SRN is an opportunity to discuss what makes good engagement, what makes poor engagement, and areas you can see for the University to shift what it is doing to engage with students more meaningfully.  

There will be a light lunch and an opportunity to chat with peers as well. We look forward to hearing from you. To help with catering, we ask that you RSVP by 28 August 2023 using the link.

You can get in contact with Student Representation team at if you have any questions.