How do I start a club or society?

Starting a club or society is a relatively easy process. You can read about starting a club in more detail HERE.

At a minimum, to operate on campus you must register your club via the Start A Club page, selecting “Registration”. This will register your club with FUSA, and when approved will allow your club to operate on campus and use “Flinders” or “Flinders University” in the club’s name if requested. Please note that registering your club does not grant the club access to FUSA’s range of support and benefits (such as funding, free room and equipment hire, free design assistance, etc.). To receive these benefits, the club must affiliate with FUSA.

If you decide to affiliate you’ll need to follow the steps found HERE. Clubs and societies can only be approved for affiliation via Student Council meeting, typically held on the first Tuesday of each month. Please await an official confirmation from the General Secretary of FUSA for your club or society’s approval.

Is there funding available for my club or society?

FUSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies can access a whole host of funding to go towards their different club activities. This funding is unlocked for Clubs and Societies by meeting certain criteria. You can find out about this criteria here. Keep in mind that funding is available via reimbursement, or via FUSA’s payment for an invoice or item via credit card only. At present, clubs are unable to apply for cash directly unless via reimbursement.

I've applied for club funding. Now what?

Once you’ve applied for grant funding it’s mainly a waiting game. All grant funding has to go through checks and balances at FUSA’s end of things to make sure it is being properly allocated with due diligence. Hang in there and wait it out, we’ll try to get your application processed as soon as possible. Most applications are processed within two weeks, however there are some exceptions depending on the amount you have requested and what you are paying for.

If you have any further questions you can call us on (08) 8201 2371 or email us at

I'm having trouble writing a club constitution, can you help?

Writing a club constitution isn’t as daunting as it seems. We have a constitution template available here. Simply fill in the template with your details and you’re well and truly on the way. Otherwise, contact FUSA at to get the Club Officer’s expert advice.

I want to set up a sports club. Is FUSA the place to do that?

Unfortunately sporting clubs aren’t managed by FUSA. Sporting clubs are managed by Flinders One. You can find all the information you need regarding Flinders One and sporting clubs on their website here or call them on (08) 8201 2842.

My club wants to run an event. Can FUSA help?

FUSA loves it when clubs run events! Getting an event running on campus is usually as easy as filling in our Event Registration Form.

For further advice regarding how running events (or how FUSA can support you) shoot an email to and we’ll be in touch with further advice.

What does it mean to be affiliated with FUSA?

Affiliating your club with FUSA means that you can access the resources and grants FUSA provides to clubs. You can find out about how FUSA can support your club HERE.