Starting a FUSA club is a great way to build a community on campus and share your passion with others. It’s a valuable opportunity to develop a range of skills and contribute to campus life! Before you get started, check out the Clubs List to make sure your club idea doesn’t already exist. 

If your club idea is a sport that is registered with the Australian Sports Commission, you’ll need to affiliate with Flinders University Sport & Fitness

Benefits of Starting a Club

    • Access to regular FUSA Club Grants
    • Access to a Start-Up Grant
    • Free equipment hire
    • Free bookings of rooms and spaces at Flinders campuses
    • Marketing and promotional support
    • Free printing and laminating services
    • Invitations to participate in FUSA events
    • Access to the FUSA Club Space and McHughs Community Space
    • Cover under Flinders University’s Public Liability Insurance policy for on and off campus events and activities (conditions apply)
    • Free locker hire for club equipment
    • Ongoing operational support from FUSA’s Clubs & Student Communities Team

Step 1: What Club are you looking to start?

What has you interested in starting a new Club? What are you passionate about and why do you want to create a community around it? It could be a hobby or special interest, area of academic study, or a culture or faith.

The first step is to decide the aims and objectives of the Club and what you are hoping to achieve.

Step 2: Find at least 10 Flinders University students who share your interest.

To start a Club, you need to have at least 10 Flinders University students (9 including yourself) signed up as members. These could be your friends, classmates, or students you bump into on campus!

Ensure you keep a record of your new members using a copy of our Membership List template. You will need to record each student’s full name, Student ID number, email address, and the date they officially joined the club. Keep in mind that your Club’s membership must be composed of more than 50% current Flinders University students at all times.

We recommend using QPay, Google Forms, or Jotform to track your membership.

It’s a good idea at this point to create a Club email address and start your social media accounts (e.g. Instagram & Facebook). The Club must have a Club specific email address to apply for affiliation (e.g.

Membership List Template

Step 3: Draft your Constitution.

The next step is to draft your Constitution. Don’t worry, we have templates you can use as a guide. You just need to add the full name of your Club and aims and objectives!

You may make changes to these documents, but please note that this is not recommended at this stage and may mean you are not eligible for affiliation with FUSA.

Constitution Template

Step 4: Hold your Inaugural General Meeting and elect your Executive Committee.

Next, you’ll need to hold your inaugural Annual General Meeting, with at least 5 of your members in attendance. This is where you will formally adopt your Constitution, vote to affiliate with FUSA, and elect your Executive Committee. You will also need to pass a motion to open a not-for-profit bank account and assign bank account signatories if you will be applying for Financial Affiliation.

Please ensure you take minutes of this meeting using our AGM minutes template.

Each Club is run by an elected executive committee consisting of at least:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

These are the roles responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the Club. You can opt to include additional positions, such as a Vice-President, if you believe they will be valuable to running your Club.

AGM Minutes Template

Step 5: If applying for Financial Affiliation, open your not-for-profit bank account.

Your Club may apply to affiliate with FUSA as a Financial Affiliate or Non-Financial Affiliate. Financial Affiliates are eligible for a start-up grant, regular grant funding, and may apply for additional competitive funding as well.

Non-Financial Affiliates are eligible for a start-up grant to get the Club up and running but are not eligible for any further funding.

Your not-for-profit Club bank account must:

  • Be registered in the name of the Club
  • Require a dual authorisation process for purchases
  • Have at least two executive committee members who are current Flinders University students listed as signatories (i.e. at least the President & Treasurer)

Head HERE for additional information about setting up your Club bank account.

Step 6: Apply for Affiliation with FUSA!

The last step is to complete the Club Affiliation Application Form!

Your application for affiliation will be voted upon by FUSA Student Council in their next meeting (typically once per month).

Contact Us 

If you’re stuck or confused at any point, get in touch with us at! We recommend booking an appointment with us to speak about your new club before you host your Annual General Meeting.