Period Product initiative

The FUSA Student Council has passionately championed the fight against Period Poverty. Period Poverty in developed countries is linked to a lower quality of life, diminished self-esteem, and mental health issues. 

To address Period Poverty at Flinders University, FUSA has installed period product vending machines in a range of bathrooms across Bedford Park, Tonsley, and Sturt campuses with the aim of incrementally increasing and building across more locations soon.

Hub – Level 1 Women’s bathroom
Hub – Gender Neutral bathroom (with parents changing room) 
Oasis- Women’s and Gender Neutral bathrooms 
Central Library – Level 1 Women’s bathroom
Sturt – West Cafeteria area 
Sturt – West bathroom near Level 3 library 
Tonsley – Level 1 Women’s bathroom 
South Ridge – SILC Women’s bathroom
Anchor Court – South Theatre bathroom 109 
Law Commerce Building – Women’s bathroom level 1 

A component of Period Poverty is the cost of living and thus the cost period products themselves. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, there is a range of services and financial assistance you may be eligible to receive from FUSA.

FUSA’s Women’s Space provides a safe and inclusive environment for female-identifying students. It’s a place where students can connect, share their experiences, and engage in discussions on issues affecting women. The Women’s Space has kitchen facilities, books and desks for studying. (update when products and heatpacks go in) 

The Women’s Space can be found on Level 1 of The Hub behind the main student study area.  

There is also a pharmacy on campus if you need other products or medicine. 

Our dispensers are checked each month, however, if you’ve found a location that’s empty you can let us know early via