Safe, stable and affordable housing is important for helping you succeed in your studies. The Student Assist team can give you information about your rental options, your rights and obligations as a tenant, and where to find help if you’re having problems with housing.

If you’re experiencing homelessness, having trouble paying your rent, or have got another difficulty relating to housing, you can make a free and confidential appointment with Student Assist to discuss your options.

If you are looking for general advice on housing, or you have a housing problem that you would prefer to deal with yourself, the links below can get you started.

General information
Guide to housing in South Australia:
Find housing services relevant to you:

Renting in South Australia
General guide:
Guide to renting in languages other than English:
Tenants’ Information and Advisory Service (housing advice and advocacy for people on low incomes):

Crisis accommodation
Guide to South Australian emergency housing services: