Money and Me

EVERY Friday

If you’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19, we’re here to help you get your finances under control.

• Create a budget that suits your new income
• Access concessions and grants
• Apply for no interest loans
• Set up payment plans with creditors
• Learn tips for saving money
• Connect you to other support services.

Money and Me has been made available through FUSA in proud partnership with Uniting Communities, and is supported by Ecstra.


Many university students find their financial situation a daily struggle. The Student and Financial Advocacy Officer* (SFAO) is available on campus to provide information and assistance on all things financial and can help you find ways to improve your financial situation, including:

  • See if you are eligible for government assistance (e.g. Centrelink or concessions)
  • Negotiate repayment arrangements with your creditors
  • Explain your options and their consequences, including debt recovery procedures, bankruptcy and other alternatives
  • Help you apply for a hardship variation on any loans
  • Help you organise your finances and make a budget
  • Refer you to other services (e.g. a gambling helpline, family support, personal counselling or community legal aid)

The SFAO can also help with the following:

  • Debts that you are struggling to pay
  • Threatening letters or harassment by debt collectors
  • Debt recovery through the courts
  • House eviction, disconnection of gas, electricity, phone, etc
  • Uninsured car accidents, taxation debts and unpaid fines

Student Assist provides the following services to students:

  • Emergency Financial Assistance – supermarket vouchers, food parcels and metro cards
  • Interest Free Loans of up to $500

*The SFAO is a full member of the South Australian Financial Counsellors Association (SAFCA)



Making a booking is really simple. Please fill in this form and Student Assist will contact you by email in the next 48 hours to organise an appointment.


If you have an appointment with our Student Financial Advocacy Officer please bring any or all of the documents below:

  • Any bills and contracts
  • Your 2 most recent payslips or recent Centrelink income statement
  • Your most recent bank statement
  • Credit card or store card statements
  • Rent receipts or mortgage payments
  • Loan documents
  • Court fines

Any other documentation to help us put together a picture of your finances.