Are you having issues relating to your studies?

Our Student Advocacy Officers (SAO) can help you navigate your way through a whole range of different issues, including:

  • Review of Grades (assessments and final topic grades)
  • Academic integrity issues (plagiarism, collusion, etc.)
  • Placement difficulties
  • ‘Difficulties Progressing’ through your degree and ‘Review of Progress’ 
  • Issues with University staff
  • Remission and refund of debt under special circumstances procedures
  • Assistance dealing with a complaint or grievance related to your studies
  • Advice and support with regard to an appeal process
  • Advice on Flinders University policies and procedures and how they relate to you as a student

If you would like to make a booking, please fill in this form. It’s confidential and Student Assist will contact you by email within 48 hours to organise an appointment.


  • You want assistance in dealing with a complaint or grievance related to your studies.
  • You would like advice and/or assistance with regard to an appeal process.
  • You need advice on Flinders University policies and procedures, and how they relate to you as a student.
  • You want support or advice and you are not sure if a SAO might be able to assist – we can refer you on if necessary.
  • It is important that you do not see contacting a SAO as a last resort – we are here to advise you and assist you through the process.


The ways in which a SAO might assist will depend on your individual situation. A typical contact with a SAO could include:

  • Discussing the situation with you to obtain your perspective, and clarify any details if necessary.
  • Working out with you what you are hoping to achieve by contacting a SAO.
  • Investigating the situation further. This could include looking at policies and procedures relevant to the situation and may also include gathering further information from the University regarding the situation, always with your permission.
  • Outlining the appropriate procedures that you need to follow in dealing with the situation.
  • Outlining the options you have available, and the potential implications of each of these options. You will ultimately decide which option you wish to pursue.
  • Advocating on your behalf to the University or other organisations.
  • Attending meetings with you, as your support person.
  • Advising you of further avenues for appeal, if required, whether within or outside the University.