2023 Student-Led Teaching Awards

The Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs) are returning in 2023. They are a way for us as students to recognise and raise the profile of teaching at Flinders University while celebrating good practice. This student-run award celebrates the best student learning experiences across the University and the staff that make it possible. Students have determined the categories, nominated the lecturers, and selected the winners. Submit a nomination for any staff you think should be recognised!

Semester 1 nominations 
Open: Wednesday 7 June
Close:  Friday 21 July  

Semester 2 nominations will open in October.

Read below for details on the categories and how to submit a nomination.  
Winners will be decided in November, after the Semester 2 nominations have been received. 

Category 1: College Student-Led Teaching Award + the University Ducks

1 per College (Total of 6) open to all teaching staff. The best overall is awarded the ‘University Ducks’.

This award is given to educators who provide an outstanding student experience.

Nominations should try to identify outstanding activity on the part of the teaching staff. Nominators might like to discuss some or all of the following: 

      • engaging and challenging course content / delivery
      • offering guidance, inspiration, and support to students
      • connection of course content to student progression and achievement
      • effective use of online learning environment and community building
      • engaging, challenging, innovative assessment and effective feedback
      • connection of course delivery or course content to shared community values (i.e. the values expressed in the Reconciliation Action Plan)

The winner will receive the College Student Led Teaching Award and a $200 gift voucher. The student who submitted the winning nomination will receive a $50 gift voucher.

The best of the six college winners will receive the University Ducks Award (like Dux… it’s a terrible pun but an excellent bronze duck statue).


Category 2: Teaching Assistant (TA) that Saved the Day

This is a whole of University award to recognise the special role of teaching assistants, tutors, demonstrators, supervised study leaders, etc. in creating the student learning environment and to acknowledge exceptional work in offering guidance and support to students which teaching assistants do. It is no exaggeration to say that these staff often make the difference between engaging with studies or not; with dropping out or not.

Nominations should focus on the following elements of the student learning experience:

      • guidance and support
      • approachability and communication
      • assessment and feedback
      • the learning and teaching processes involving teaching assistants

Other elements the staff member contributed can also be highlighted.

The winner will receive the Teaching Assistant that Saved the Day Award and a $200 gift voucher. The student who submits the winning nomination will receive a $50 gift voucher.


Category 3: Most Supportive Supervisor

A University-wide award for staff supervising a dissertation (Bachelor’s thesis, Honours, Masters or PhD level) or research project. A way to celebrate supervisors who provided exceptional guidance and support, helped student progression and achievement and brought students into the community of scholars in a meaningful way.

Undertaking a research project is an intense experience. There are no short cuts on a research project – but there are plenty of rough patches, detours, and blockages. A supportive supervisor can really see you through. But more than that, a supportive supervisor is the one who introduces you to the academy and welcomes you into the community of scholars.

This award is a shout out to them and everything they do. Supervision requires a special set of skills and it happens across course levels: HDR, Postgraduate Coursework, Honours, and Bachelors. We want to celebrate all the supervisors who have made a difference.

The winner will receive the Most Supportive Supervisor Award and a $200 gift voucher. The student who submits the winning nomination will receive a $50 gift voucher.


Category 4: Innovation in Digital Teaching

This award recognises staff members who have shown exceptional skills in utilising digital platforms for teaching, engaging students as active participants in their learning, and creating online spaces for student-staff interactions. These individuals demonstrate innovative approaches to online teaching and have made a significant impact on student engagement and collaboration. Their efforts have contributed to a more interactive and inclusive learning environment.

This is an opportunity to give a big shout-out to those staff members who have gone above and beyond in using digital platforms to deliver their teaching. They have truly mastered the art of online teaching and have made their classes come alive in the virtual world.

Not only that, but they have also found clever ways to engage students and get them actively involved in their own learning. They’ve turned boring lectures into interactive sessions where students can participate, ask questions, and share their thoughts.

These fantastic staff members have also created online spaces where students and staff can come together. Whether it’s through discussion boards, chat groups, or virtual office hours, they’ve made sure that students have a place to collaborate, share ideas, and seek guidance.

The winner will receive the Innovation in Digital Teaching award and a $200 gift voucher. The student who submitted the winning nomination will receive a $50 gift voucher. 

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