2023 Student-Led Teaching Awards

We are proud to announce the winners of the Student-Led Teaching Awards for 2023!

We received 225 nominations across all categories and colleges for the Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs) this year. SLTAs are a way for us as students to recognise and raise the profile of teaching at Flinders University while celebrating good practice. This student-run award celebrates the best student learning experiences across the University and the staff that make it possible. Students have determined the categories, nominated the lecturers, and selected the winners. Submit a nomination for any staff you think should be recognised!

Winners were decided by a student panel in November.

the University Ducks

The best nomination across all the Colleges  is awarded the ‘University Ducks’ (like Dux… it’s a terrible pun but an excellent bronze duck statue). This award is given to the educator who not only has provided an outstanding student experience in their College – it is the outstanding experience for the whole University. We’re proud to announce that the 2023 University Ducks goes to:

Jacqueline Warren (College of Nursing and Health Sciences)

College Student-Led Teaching Award

1 per College (Total of 6) open to all teaching staff. This award is given to educators who provide an outstanding student experience in their College.

 College of Business, Government and Law

Winner: Rajesh Johnsam
Honourable Mention: Mahmoud Moussa, Luis da Vinha & Simone Deegan


College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

Winner: Nathan Weber
Honourable Mention: Paul Williamson


College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Winner: Renato Musolino
Honourable Mention: Eliza Kitchen


College of Medicine and Public Health

Winner: Grant Gallagher
Honourable Mention: Karen Lower


College of Nursing and Health Science

Winner: Jacqueline Warren
Honourable Mention: Nicola Anstice


College of Science and Engineering

Winner: Masha Smallhorn
Honourable Mention: Melissa Oxley & Richard Leibbrandt

Teaching Assistant (TA) that Saved the Day

This is a whole of University award to recognise the special role of teaching assistants, tutors, demonstrators, supervised study leaders, etc. in creating the student learning environment and to acknowledge exceptional work in offering guidance and support to students which teaching assistants do.

Winner: Valentina Bertotti, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Honourable Mentions: Diana Fusco (College of Science and Engineering), Alana White (College of Medicine and Public Health), John Mangahas (College of Nursing and HEalth Sciences), Jai Meyers (College of Medicine and Public Health).


Most Supportive Supervisor

A University-wide award for staff supervising a dissertation (Bachelor’s thesis, Honours, Masters or PhD level) or research project. A way to celebrate supervisors who provided exceptional guidance and support, helped student progression and achievement and brought students into the community of scholars in a meaningful way.

Winners: David Hobbs, College of Science and Engineering and Shane Pill, College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Honourable Mentions: Kenneth Pope (College of Science and Engineering), Elizabeth Dinsdale (College of Science and Engineering), Sarah Giles (College of Science and Engineering).

Innovation in Digital Teaching

This award recognises staff members who have shown exceptional skills in utilising digital platforms for teaching, engaging students as active participants in their learning, and creating online spaces for student-staff interactions. These individuals demonstrate innovative approaches to online teaching and have made a significant impact on student engagement and collaboration. Their efforts have contributed to a more interactive and inclusive learning environment.

Winner: Chanel Bradwell, College of Medicine and Public Health.

Honourable Mention: Ingo Koeper, College of Science and Engineering.

Outstanding Wellbeing and Student Support Award

The Wellbeing and Student Support Award celebrates academic staff members who prioritise and promote student wellbeing. This award acknowledges the exceptional efforts of educators who go beyond their role to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of their students.

Winner: Jo Dennis, College of Nursing and Health Science.

Honourable Mention: Michelle Bellon, College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

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