Student Spaces

Women’s Space: 

FUSA’s Women’s Space provides a safe and inclusive environment for female-identifying students. It’s a place where students can connect, share their experiences, and engage in discussions on issues affecting women. The Women’s Space has kitchen facilities, books and desks for studying. It can be found on Level 1 of The Hub behind the main student study area.

Queer Space:

The Queer Space is a safe, private, and autonomous room run by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. In the Queer Space there is a relaxing lounge space, featuring a TV and gaming systems, a study space with desk room to watch online lectures or work on assignments, and a kitchen decked out with a fridge, microwave, hot water, and free food and drink. Come along to the Queer Space to hang out, make new friends, and get involved with our campus community! It can be found on Level 1 of The Hub directly behind the FUSA office, and is welcoming to all new-comers!

Club Space:

Provides a hub for student clubs and student communities. It’s a space where students can come together and engage in shared interests and activities. The Club Space also provides resources such as a projector, web conferencing set up, whiteboards and PCs. It’s located on Level 1 of the Student Hub.

The McHughs Function Space:

A multi-use student study space and club function space. Located past the Physical Sciences Building by Carpark 9, the space offers a kitchenette, meeting room, projector and AV system, booth seating, and moveable tables and chairs. Plus you can experience some of the best views on campus from the balcony!

Disability Space:

FUSA’s Disability Space provides support and resources for students with disabilities. It’s a space where students can access specialised equipment, technology, and services. A safe, inclusive and accessible environment for students with disability to connect, study and unwind. It can be found on Level 1 of the Library, with specialised computer rooms on Level 2 of the Library.

Mature Age Student Space:

FUSA’s Mature Age Student Space provides a supportive and inclusive environment for students who are returning to study after a break. It’s a space where mature-age students can connect, share their experiences. It also has resources for those studying with children present.

Sturt Student Space: FUSA’s Sturt Student Space provides a dedicated space for all Students. It’s a space where students can connect, socialise. The Sturt Student Space is located west of Sturt Cafeteria.

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