Flinders University offers a wide range of services to help you with student housing. This includes assisting you in choosing the right place to live and getting financial support if you need it. We can also review rental agreements, explain your rights and responsibilities, and provide advice on renting. But we’re not just here for paperwork; we also step in when there are issues like landlords not making repairs and help mediate conflicts. 

 If you’re dealing with problems such as uncooperative landlords, bond issues, or trying to end a lease without paying heavy fees, our housing expert is here to make these challenges easier to handle during your time at Flinders.   

 Lease Documentation Review: We look over lease agreements to make sure they’re fair 

Rights and Responsibilities: We explain what you should know about your rights and responsibilities when you rent a place, whether it’s a student apartment, share house, or homestays. 

Private Sector Accommodation: We give advice and support to students looking for housing in the rental market, whether you’re on your own, with family, or sharing with friends.

Landlord Advocacy: We step in to help you talk to landlords about things like late rent or getting repairs done. We’re also here to mediate if you and your landlord don’t agree on something. 

Bond Claims Assistance: If you ever have a problem getting your security deposit back, we’re here to help sort it out fairly.

Conflict Resolution: If you’re having issues with your roommates or neighbours, we can offer advice and support to help you work things out. 

Our Student Housing Service Officer is available from FUSA on Wednesdays and from Flinders Living on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 

To get in contact with Kate please email flinders.living@flinders.edu.au  or call 08 7221 8900