Get to Know Your Student Debt

Do you know how to repay your HELP debt after you graduate? Or even what you owe? In light of the proposed changes in the latest budget, maybe it's time to get to know your student debt.             How much do you owe? You can find out how...

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Coalition Government Changes to Higher Education

Uncertainty has shrouded the Coalition Government’s higher education policy since the Abbott Government’s 2014 proposal – which included deregulation of fees and 20% cuts to funding – failed to pass the Senate. This week, Education Minister Simon Birmingham has announced the changes that will form...

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Like an Adult: Manage your Money

Students are notorious for being broke. But even if you’re scraping by each week, there are probably things you can be doing to better manage your money.           1. Get the best deals Do you have the best available deal on insurance, car registration, banking, superannuation, phone credit?...

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How to Adult: Skills You Might Have Missed

We spend years studying in our degrees — law, science, arts, whatever. What often gets lost are some of the finer skills of adulting. So FUSA had put together an event called ‘How to Adult’ on 9 May. There will be presentations on:  tax income...

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How to make big life decisions

There are many big decisions in your future. For some of you, they’re weighing on you right now. Plenty of you are asking yourselves, ‘What will I do after I graduate?’ Decision-making can be stressful. There is often an element of fear—fear of failure, fear of...

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O’Week: Interview with Events Assistant

2017 O’Week is fast approaching! The website is now full of information on the social and academic events this O’Week. But don’t worry—if you haven’t played the Tappy Clownfish game that sat on the site pre-launch, you can still have a go. To get you properly...

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Job Application and Resume Tools

Are you a job seeker or looking at the job market for when you graduate? There are plenty of handy tools you can use to make this easier.                     Canva Canva makes it easy for non-designers to create simple, stunning graphics. It uses drag and drop, templates, stock...

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Alternatives to New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions don’t work for everyone. You may have already made them (and broken them). But it's not too late to refocus on the year ahead. So why not try something a bit different in 2017? Here are some alternatives to New Years resolutions...

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WriteSkills – language support program

WriteSkills is an intensive language support program run by the Office of Graduate Research. It is available to all international and non-English speaking background Research Higher Degree (RHD) candidates looking to improve their academic writing.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flinders

          1. Weird collections There are some pretty kooky things in the library. Did you know about Special Collections? They store things like the Badge Collection, Christmas Card Collection and Flinders University Wine Bottles and Beer Can Collection. You may find something useful to your studies here.   2. Trim...

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