FUSA & Flinders One Affiliated Clubs

Whether you want to try something new, stay involved with an old hobby or find a community, Clubs and Societies are a great way to connect with like-minded people while you’re studying. They allow you to expand your social circle, develop your professional skills, or simply catch up with friends.

Joining a club is as easy as tracking down their details, getting in contact and asking them how to join the club. Each club runs differently, but almost all clubs are always looking for members. Whatever your interests, Flinders is bound to have a club for you. If you can’t find a club you’re after below, why not consider starting a club of your own?

Currently affiliated clubs can be found below.

Non-Sporting Clubs – FUSA Affiliates
Clubs associated with a sport recognised by the Australian Sports Commission are affiliated with Flinders One Sport.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Amnesty Club
Archaeological Society
Astronomical Society
Australian Youth Climate Coalition Club
Automotive Solar Team Social and Support Club – FAST
Baha’i Society
Bangladeshi Students Association
Biodiversity and Animal Behaviour Society
Biotechnology Student Association
Bob Hawke Appreciation Society
Business Students’ Association
Chinese Student and Scholar Association
Cinephile Society (FLICS)
Costume Club (FUCOS)
Criminal Justice Student Association
Cultural Association of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
Cultural Connections
Digital Gaming Enthusiasts
Doggo Club
East Timorese Students Association
Education Student Association
Engineers Without Borders Humanitarian Society
Environmental Action Group
Evangelical Students
Fair Trade Collective
Fantastic Beasts Quidditch Team
Field Robotics Club
Filipinos at Flinders
French at Flinders Club
Fuβball Society (Fusball Society)
Golden Key International Honour Society
Greens Club
Health and Human Rights Group
Hellenic Association (FUHA)
History and International Relations Student Association
Indigenous Student Association
Indonesian Students Association of Australia (PPIA)
Intellectual Property, Innovation, & Technology Society 
Japanese Cultural Club
Labor Club
Law Students Association
League of Legends Club
Liberal Club
Lions Campus Club
Marine Biology Association
Market Speculation Club
Medical Science Society
Medical Students Society
Medical Students Society (NT Chapter)
Motorsport Club
Muslim Association
Myanmar Student Association
Nepalese Students Association
Nursing and Midwifery Students Association
Nutrition Club
Optometry Student Association
Outdoor Club
Overseas Christian Fellowship
Palaeontology Society
Permaculture Committee
Persian Club
Philosophy Club
Photography Enthusiasts
Physics Society 
Plant Biotech Society of Flinders Uni
Postgraduate Students Association
Psychology Students Association
Queer Society
Reach Out Volunteers Student Group
Rural Health Society
School of Biology Association
Secular Society
Singapore Medical Society
Singapore Students Association
Social Work Association
Socialist Alternative Club
Speleological Society
Sri Lankan Student Association
Student Exchange Club
Student Paramedics Australasia
Surgical Society
Tabletop und Roleplaying Enthusiasts
Thinking CaPS – Chemical and Physical Sciences Society
Tourism Association
Vegetarian and Vegan Club
Vietnamese Student Association

Sporting Clubs – Flinders One Affiliates

Please note that the list of sporting clubs below may not be up to date. For the current list of sporting clubs, go to Flinders One Sport.

Athletics Club
Badminton Club
Baseball & Softball
Basketball Club
Cricket Club
Crossfit Flinders Uni
Women’s Soccer Club (Flinders Flames)
Football Club
Hockey Club
Judo Club
Kendo Club
Korfball Club
Lacrosse Club
Muay Tai Club
Netball Club
Shodokan Aikido Club
Men’s Soccer Club
Squash Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Underwater Club
Volleyball Club
Wing Chun Martial Arts Association