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Motorsport Team
Motorsport Team


FMT is an inclusive student-run team of budding professionals. FMT members are focused, high achieving and ambitious. FMT members are from a range of disciplines and are there to gain experience, improve skills and are pursuing hands on training and apply university learnings in a practical environment . FMT aims to support graduates and team members by maximising opportunities, building relationships with industry partners and being the ultimate program to create future industry leaders.

At FMT we aspire to cultivate future leaders of the world by setting them apart from other graduates through applying university learnings to build a professional business model, vehicle, and relationships. FMT strive to provide an extraordinary learning journey for graduates to enter the industry with unique and applicable capabilities.

Our Values: 

Innovation: FMT aims to be the leader of innovation by creating an environment that champions creativity, development, and ingenuity.

Diversity: FMT endeavours to be a team that is respectful and supportive of all people through advocating for the elevation of different viewpoints and collective experiences.

Growth: FMT values being an organisation that prides itself on building individuals who are competent, capable and setting industry standards in all that they do.



Location: Flinders Tonsley Campus T2 G.O7