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Speleological Society
Speleological Society


The art and science of safe, minimal-impact, maximum-adrenaline caving. We're a club at Flinders University. Members of the general public and the University community are very welcome.

Formed in 1974, the original purpose of Flinders University Speleological Society Inc. was to carry out scientific work at the Naracoorte Caves. Since then FUSSI members have visited many areas other than Naracoorte and undertaken speleological work.

Although Speleology is a serious business, FUSSI trips are always good fun as we have a tradition of doing things in style. Our caving trips are characterised by good food, good wine, port, chocolate and witty conversation. This tradition carries over to our monthly meetings which are major social events.

Indeed, some members are not interested in caving but join the club simply so that they can attend our scintillating meetings.