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The FUSA Development Grant will help me attend the the SpineWeek 2023 International Conference. I am honoured to be able to present my scientific findings to spine societies from across the globe.” – Tyra, PhD student 

Is there something you could be doing this year that will help your professional or personal development?
Applications will open again in Semester 2 for FUSA Development Grants worth up to $750 to help you do that thing!

FUSA is looking for high quality applications from students who have an opportunity to undertake a professional development activity linked to their area of study (such as presenting at a conference or undertaking a workshop) or a personal development activity that will boost their capacities as a student leader.

If there is something that you think will get you a little further, or if there is something that will set you apart from the crowd then apply today for FUSA support.

In the past, FUSA has helped students present their first paper at an academic conference, learn something new at specialist workshops, and helped students have professional experiences that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

You can read the 2024 Application Guidelines here for information on the Grant rules.

In 2024 there will be three rounds:

    • Applications for the Major round are being received now and will be closing at [UPDATED] 4pm on 15 March. 5pm on 13 March.
    • The Supplementary round will be receiving applications from 23 April to [UPDATED] 4pm on 12 May. In this round, FUSA will prioritise applications from students who were under-represented in the Major round (students from College of BGL, College of HASS or College of NHS, undergraduate students, or students who are parents / carers) to ensure a good overall balance of applications. 
      • The Final round will be receiving applications from 23 July to 6 August. 

All successful applications will be required to submit a completion report within six weeks of the activity finishing.

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