student council vacancy

The Education Officer position has recently become available on FUSA Student Council and in accordance with FUSA regulations we are now holding a by-election to fill this position.

Online nominations are now CLOSED. An election will open on July 28.


  • Education Officer

Hours per week: 10 hours (approximate)
Honorarium: $10,000 pa

The Education Officer shall:

  1. be responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Association’s education campaigns, with the support of the Student President;
  2. chair the Education Action Network and Student Representation Network;
  3. be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee; Academic Senate and the Education Quality Committee;
  4. represent the Association on any working groups for education related policies;
  5. collaborate with Student Assist to provide feedback on draft University policies;
  6. promote and support student representation within the University; and
  7. liaise with local, national and international organisations working on education issues.

Student Council is the governing body of the Flinders University Student Association (FUSA).
The functions and purpose of FUSA are to:

  • promote and advance the rights, interests and welfare of students;
  • represent students within and outside the University;
  • co-ordinate and support activities for students, including the provision of support for affiliated clubs;
  • provide the means for effective communication between students, the Association and the University;
  • oversee the delivery of student services, which are funded from the Student Services and Amenities Fee and are the responsibility of the Manager, Student Engagement; and
  • deliver other services, amenities and programs for students funded from the membership fee and other income received by the Association.

As a Student Council representative, you will have the opportunity to represent all students at the highest levels of the University to ensure that the student voice is heard when it comes to academic and campus life. 


1. For the purposes of this election, the candidate and seconder must be a student as defined by the Flinders University Student Association Election Regulations i.e. – ‘Student’ means any currently enrolled student of the University, who is enrolled as a full-time, part-time or external student as defined by the University.

“As defined by the University” is a composite of the University Council definitions of: ‘Postgraduate Student’, ‘Undergraduate Student’ and ‘current enrolment’. Non-award students are not included within this definition. A student has a ‘current enrolment’ if they are enrolled for a topic which is identified as to be counted toward the requirements of a course as defined by the University.

Members of Student Council must remain students for the duration of their term on Student Council.

2. As per the Flinders University Student Association Constitution, it is also required that all Student Council members must be a member of the Student Association. Candidates who are not members need to check the relevant box on the nomination form to become a member.


FUSA Education Officer By-Election 2020 Timeline

Nominations Open       9:30am            June 5
Nominations Close       4:00pm            June 18

If at the close of nominations there are more nominations than positions available, FUSA will hold an election on the following dates:

Election Begins             9:30am July 28
Election Finishes          2:00pm July 30

Returning Officer:         Mary Heath 

Election Tribunal:    

  • Professor Christopher Kee
  • Dr Luis da Vinha
  • Ms Jody St Clair

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Copies of the Flinders University Student Association Constitution and Election Regulations are available from the Student Association (Level 1 Student Hub, Central Campus) or online.

For any questions regarding this by-election please contact FUSA or call 08 8201 2371.