First Nations Collective

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Are you a First Nations person who cares about the way First Nations peoples and issues are represented on our campus and in the wider community? Do you want to stand up for the rights of First Nations peoples by participating in campaigns, cultural events and discussions at university? Then please join us as part of the First Nations Collective community.

What is the First Nations Collective?

The First Nations Collective is a FUSA student-run group that aims to bring First Nations people together to raise awareness of First Nations issues, cultures and communities on campus. It is a Student Council initiative for all First Nations students (and allies), which incorporates the activities of the Indigenous Students Officer from FUSA.

By joining the Collective you will have the opportunity to be involved in (or even initiate) campaigns and activities. First Nations issues are diverse and very personal – but we generally share the collective experiences of the colonisation of our countries, sometimes cultural genocide and loss of self-determination for our peoples. It is our hope, as a community, that we support each other and stand together to share with others our strength and beauty as cultural peoples of the First Nations of the world.

We are currently working on campaigns and activities relating to Aboriginal Australian that include:

  • Campaigning against the Western Australian Aboriginal community closures;
  • Discussions with Flinders University about having the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags represented alongside the other flags on the front lawn of Registry Road;
  • Equal representation, Equal Access, Equal Education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in universities;
  • NAIDOC Day at Flinders University

Overtime we aim to welcome events and campaigns that relate to other First Nations cultures, such as the Free West Papua Campaign, into the Collective.

Become an Ally

Unity between First Nations peoples and others is crucial to breaking strongholds and creating a culturally inclusive and safe environment for all peoples. Becoming an ally of the First Nations Collective means that you are raising your hand to work alongside and support First Nations peoples on campus. Thank you.