The FUSA Dux program is currently not running. Please check back later.

Are you interested in volunteering at FUSA to develop your professional skills and experience? Do you want to help FUSA improve the experience of students across the university?

As a FUSA Dux you will have the opportunity to increase your own professional and leadership skills while contributing to the Flinders student community by assisting FUSA to promote and seek feedback on our programs, services and events.

Tell me more!

FUSA are seeking student volunteers to assist FUSA with engaging the wider student population by promoting our events and initiatives and getting feedback from students across the university on how we can make improvements and better represent all students.

Kind of like an ambassador for FUSA.

During this six month program you will be asked to promote FUSA at Semester 2 O’ Week, seek student feedback on FUSA events and initiatives, visit the Sturt, Tonsley and Victoria Square campuses to share the FUSA love & as the inaugural FUSA Dux participants, assist FUSA to further develop the FUSA Dux program for 2017 and beyond.

We ask you to volunteer 12 hours in total across semester 2 (compulsory 3hr training is included in the 12 hrs).

Why get involved?

Volunteering as a FUSA Dux will assist with your professional and personal development (employers love volunteers!) whilst also having fun, meeting new people, and having some time away from your studies. By being a volunteer, you are not only helping the Flinders student community but you are also helping yourself!

As a FUSA Dux volunteer you will have the opportunity to:
• Develop your communication and interpersonal skills with a broad range of people
• Gain confidence in your public speaking
• Build your team skills
• Grow as a leader
• Meet new people and make new friends
• Contribute to your student association
• Enhance your resume and employability
• Learn more about the services and programs provided by FUSA

As a FUSA Dux you will receive:
• Comprehensive training
• Skill development opportunities (according to your needs and interests)
• Individual support and assistance from FUSA Student Council members & FUSA staff
• Points towards your Skill Development Certificate
• A cool t-shirt with a duck on it
• A warm glow from knowing you’re contributing to creating an awesome FUSA vibe on campus

How do I apply?

The FUSA Dux program is currently not running. Please check back later.

Key Dates
Please check back later.