Badge Maker Guide

Badge Makers are located within the stationery cupboard of the FUSA Club Space for shared club use. Clubs must purchase their own badge components (FUSA recommends purchasing from Badge-A-Minit). The Badge Makers must be used within the Club Space only, or booked out via the Event...

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Archiving (Saving Club/Association history)

Archiving Guidelines for FUSA Clubs & Associations SAVE YOUR HISTORY! FUSA Clubs & Associations can leave a long-lasting legacy by archiving with the University. By archiving your materials, your Club/Association will never be forgotten!  A guide to archiving your Club/Association materials can be found below.   What to send...

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Domain Registration & Web Hosting (Overview)

Domain Names & Web Hosting What’s a domain name?A domain name is the URL address users can type into their internet browser to find your club, e.g: So it's our own website?  No. Much like a street address for a vacant lot, if the domain name doesn't...

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Incorporation (Overview)

  Unincorporated & Incorporated Associations Contents READ FIRST. 1 Overview.. 1 Unincorporated Associations. 2 Incorporated Associations. 2 Tax Concessions. 3 Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) 3   READ FIRST This guide aims to provide a layperson’s summary of the differences between Unincorporated and Incorporated Associations (in South Australia), and the benefits to becoming incorporated. It is not...

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