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Club Space

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The Club Space is a large room dedicated to Club use is located on the First Floor of the Student Hub, opposite FUSA in the study area.

The Club Space contains the following:

  • A large bench capable of seating approximately 12 people
  • A Panasonic HE40 camera for recording/streaming of meetings
  • A whiteboard wall
  • 2 x computers running Windows 10 (allows for Club Printing)
  • A projector (for screening of the left Windows PC, HDMI devices or other Windows/Mac devices via Wi-Fi)
  • A window space to affix club posters (blu-tac only)
  • A storage cupboard containing A-Frame sandwich boards and chairs

The Club Space is available for shared Club use at any time via swipe card access. Club executive members can apply for 24/7 Club Space access on their student ID card by completing the Club Space/Club Locker Access Form. FUSA will request Security to organise swipe card access for the Club executive, which may take up to 3 business days to process. Executive and committee members can alternatively book out a swipe card for temporary use from the FUSA Front Desk during business hours.

When not booked, all Clubs may use this space. To make a booking, the Club may complete the Event Registration Form.

If you’re locked out after-hours, call Security via 8201 2880.

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