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Room & Space Hire

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FUSA offers free room and space hire to affiliated clubs. Many classrooms and outdoor spaces are bookable for club use, including spaces within the Student Hub, Plaza, classrooms, courtyards, lecture theatres and more. Subject to availability, rooms can be hired by completing the Event Registration Form. Most rooms on campus can be booked during business hours, however, there is a restricted selection available after hours. To avoid confusion, only the rooms available both during and after business hours are listed in the Event Registration Form. Please contact the FUSA Administration Team if you would like an unlisted room booked during business hours and they will do their best to assist. Some rooms have alternative processes for booking and cannot be booked by FUSA, however, may be bookable through other departments or by the club itself. Common examples include:

  • Multimedia Lounge (Ground Floor, Student Hub): Bookings can be made by the club by completing the Bookable group student study spaces form (scroll down & select Level 00). 2-hour limits apply. For longer bookings FUSA can help you following completion of the Event Registration Form.
  • The Tavern: Bookings for the Tavern may be requested by contacting the Flinders Tavern on their Website. Note: Minimum spend for food and beverages may apply.
  • Sporting facilities: Booking of sporting facilities may be requested by contacting Flinders One via . While Flinders One will endeavour to support non-sporting club bookings, please note that priority is given to sporting clubs and official Flinders University business at all times.
  • Matthew Flinders Theatre: The club may request hire of the Matthew Flinders Theatre for theatrical productions. Please contact the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences ( Note: Charges will apply.

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