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Equipment Storage

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Free locker storage is available to affiliated Clubs to store Club supplies and equipment.  A locked cage is also available for Club storage of oversized equipment (shared by all Clubs). This storage is located in the Clubs Locker Rooms, in the basement of the Union Building (Student Hub).

How do I apply for a locker/storage access?

Click here and fill in the form to apply. If you only require short term access, please do not fill in the form. See below for details.

What happens then?

FUSA will review your application and if approved, assign your Club with a locker and pin code. An application will be submitted to the Flinders University Security to provide your Club executive members with access using their Student ID card. You will typically receive swipe card access within 3 business days of processing. Apply early to ensure you have access when you need it.

How many lockers can we have?

One, unless via prior arrangement with the Program Coordinator, Clubs & Student Communities. Locker access is subject to availability, however, the storage cage is available to all affiliated Clubs.

Can we receive short-term access?

Short term access cannot be provided for lockers, however, it can be provided for accessing the storage cage. To do so, speak with the staff at the FUSA Reception to temporarily book out an ID card to access the space. All items must be removed before returning the ID card (i.e; no items may be left behind).

Where can we find them?

In the Clubs Storage Rooms, basement level of the Union Building/Student Hub.

How do we get there?

Via the doorway on the south-west side of the Student Hub, near the pathway to car park 1. Alternatively by the staircase on the south west side of level 1 of the Student Hub. Follow the staircase all the way down and you’re there. You’ll need your Student ID card to access them. For security reasons, only Club executive members will be provided with access.

How big are the lockers?

The lockers are double-doored with electronic pin pad locks. The dimensions are 1800H x 900W x 450D.

What can we store in the lockers/storage cage?

Most things, with the exception of:

  • Flammable or hazardous materials
  • Items with a strong odour or stench
  • Perishable food items
  • Items likely to leak inside the locker
  • Items likely to stain the locker
  • Items that cannot fit inside the locker with lockers closed securely
  • Items that cannot fit inside the storage cage, would restrict access to other items in the cage, or cannot be stored within the marked areas (marked with tape on the floor)
  • Items that cannot be lifted safely up stairs

Is it secure?

Yes. Only Club executive members can access the Clubs Storage Rooms via swipe card. Each locker is programmed with an individual pin number to ensure it cannot be accessed by other users of the storage room.

We have items that won’t fit in the locker. Now what?

A cage for oversized items is available in the Geoff Harrison Room. This cage is only available for items that will be accessed regularly (e.g: not for storing old pub crawl t-shirts), and can be safely carried by two people upstairs. If it’s too big, or unsafe to carry up stairs, you will have to store this at home.

How do we add give other members access to the room?

Simply fill in the form again and select the appropriate option to change access. Please note that for security reasons, only the four current executive members of the Club may apply for access to the room.

Anything else to keep in mind?

  • Add the number for Flinders Security (8201 2880) to your phonebook. If you get stuck in the room for any reason it may be a while before it is noticed, so give Security a call. A phone is available inside the room for emergencies (call 12880 from this phone to contact Security).
  • Items stored in the locker are the responsibility of the Club, and FUSA will not be held liable for stolen, lost or damaged items.
  • Club executives should advise FUSA immediately if they believe the combination of their locker has been obtained without permission.
  • Club executives should advise FUSA immediately if an executive’s swipe card has been lost or stolen.
  • Access will not be changed over to the newly elected executive members automatically. Club executives should update the details for Club lockers when executive members are changed over by filling in the form again.
  • If the Club locker has not been accessed in three months (with the exception of the end of year holiday period), the locker will be cleaned out and repurposed.
  • Remember to turn the lights off and close the door securely when you’re done using the room.

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