Student Council Vacancy

Nominations are now invited from students for a General Council position on Student Council to hold office from 7 April 2022 to 30 November 2022:

About Student Council

Flinders University Students Association (FUSA) is the student organisation that

 represents the rights and interests of students at Flinders University. Student Council is the governing body of FUSA, composed of 13 office bearers and 6 general council members as voting members and the Manager, Student Engagement in a non-voting capacity.

FUSA exists to encourage, amplify and inspire meaningful change in the world. First and foremost, we are students advocating for and empowering students to address the concerns and issues of importance to students. We do this through promoting the voices of our communities and through adhering to our values.

Our principles are empowerment, advocacy, and integrity.

How to nominate

Use the Casual Vacancy Nomination Form which must be emailed to the Returning Officer (or nominee) at no later than 4:00pm (Australian Central Standard Time) on 11 March 2022.

Nominations that have not been received by the deadline will not be accepted.  Nominations must bear the signatures of the candidate and a seconder (who must be two different people), both of whom must be Flinders University Students (as per the above definition) and the consent of the candidate to the nomination. Only fully completed forms will be accepted.

Candidates must submit a statement for each position for which they have nominated of not more than 500 words. Words in excess of 500 will be deleted.

The candidate statement must:

  • be submitted via email to by the close of nominations (ideally along with your candidate nomination form and photo).
  • include the candidate’s name and position(s) nominated
  • Outline why you are nominating, key issues to address in the role and what you would like to achieve in the role.
  • submitted in Word format, (.doc, .docx)