Academic Associations (formally School Associations prior to the College restructure) are College based student associations formally endorsed by the College Dean (Education) and affiliated with FUSA. They operate for the representation, support and engagement of students within a college.

Academic Associations operate to support the students within their Colleges through a variety of events and activities including running social events and Learning & Teaching activities. Academic Associations operate to represent students within their College in a variety of ways that include some members sitting on academic consultative committees while some provide casual feedback through liaison with academic staff.

Some examples of Academic Association activities and events include:

  • Organising movie nights, competitions and other social events aimed at improving the University experience for students in their College;
  • Learning & Teaching activities that provide academic support by way of tutorials or help sessions, careers nights or expos, or sharing professional development opportunities.
  • Helping students feel connected to their College by having merchandise such as jumpers and shirts available to students.

Being a representative within your College can also help to develop personal and professional skills and it looks great on your resume.

The following Academic Associations currently exist:

College of Science & Engineering

  • Flinders University Society of Engineers (FUSE)
  • Flinders Students of Biology Association (SOBA)
  • Flinders Physical & Molecular Sciences (Thinking CaPS)

College of Business, Government & Law

  • Flinders Business Student Association (FBSA)
  • Flinders Law Student Association (FLSA)
  • Flinders Government Student Association (GOVSA)
  • Flinders University Criminology Association (FUCA)

College of Education, Psychology & Social Work

  • Flinders Education Student Association (FESA)
  • Flinders Psychology Student Association (FPSA)
  • Flinders Social Work Association (FWSA)

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

  • Flinders University Nursing & Midwifery Student Association (FUNMSA)

College of Medicine & Public Health

  • Flinders Medical Students’ Society (FMSS)
  • Flinders University Student Paramedics Australasia (FUSPA)

If you are interested in finding out more about the Academic Associations in your College check out their Facebook pages as a start point.

If an Academic Association doesn’t exist in your area and you are interested in starting one in your College, FUSA will help you learn about the criteria, requirements and benefits available to you – such as being eligible to receive $3,000 in funding towards the Association’s events and activities per year.

Associations can also find information, forms, guides, and resources relating to managing their association via the Manage Your Club/Association page.  Answers to many queries can also be found via the Clubs & Associations FAQ Database (“ClubFAQ”).

If you would like some advice on starting an Academic Association, how your Academic Association can represent students within your school and some advice around learning, teaching and the student experience, please get in touch with the Student Representation and Development Officer (SRDO) at FUSA: