Topic Representative Registration

  • Before completing this form, please ensure you have spoken to your Topic Coordinator and agreed on your intention to work together this semester. If you are applying for two topics, please fill in the form separately for each topic (i.e. you complete the form twice). Students can hold a maximum of two Topic Representative positions each semester.
  • There are Topic Representatives in topics in the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Medicine and Public Health.
  • Please only enter one topic code. If you are registering for multiple Topic Representative positions, complete a new form for each topic.
  • Submitting this form
    A copy of this form will be sent to your Topic Coordinator and FUSA student representation support staff. FUSA will then contact you regarding Topic Representative training once approved. 

  • FUSA Use of Information
    I understand that FUSA will make my name and email available to my Topic Coordinator and to other Topic Reps on the Student Rep Space for communication and information support purposes. I also understand that the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) applies to this information and that I can access or change it at any time at the FUSA office.