Development Grants

So you want to do something amazing during your time as a student at Flinders University?

Perhaps you want to attend a leadership event or take part in that incredible workshop you stumbled across? Maybe go to that inspiring conference that you keep on talking about? Or join in that significant cultural gathering?

Well, FUSA may well be able to help!

FUSA Development Grants are awarded twice a year and for amounts up to $800. The amount you apply for can’t exceed 85% of the budgeted costs, but a Development Grant will certainly help you get on your way.

Of course, there are rules when applying, so make sure you read the grant criteria really closely.

Key Dates

Semester 2 Development Grants 2019

Open: 22nd July
Close: 16th August
Applications must be for activities taking place from the 17th August 2019 until 16th February 2020. 

Ready to apply?

Here are Application Guidelines > docx / pdf
Here are Acquittal Report Guidelines > docx / pdf

Fill in the application

Important Forms for Successful Applicants

(to be completed and returned within six weeks of the project’s completion)
Financial Reconciliation Form > docx
Acquittal Form > Acquittal Form 2019

Applying for grants can be tricky, but it is an important skill and winning the grant looks great on your CV.

If you need any advice contact us at:

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