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Annual Review

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Each year, clubs are required to submit documentation for Annual Review (formerly Re-Affiliation). Annual Review looks at compliance to a club’s obligations under FUSA regulations and policies, the club’s previous calendar year, and ensures FUSA obtains the updated details and documentation of the club.

To allow clubs time to prepare for this review, clubs are able to submit documentation between the 1st of January and the 1st of May during the submission year. This documentation must relate to the previous 12 months of club activity (January to December). Consequently it is crucial that any incoming executive obtains all relevant documents and information from the outgoing executive immediately following election.

The documentation required during Annual Review includes:

  1. Updated contact details for the club and club executive
  2. Updated Membership List
  3. Minutes from the club’s General Meetings held in the previous calendar year
  4. The club’s Financial Report (see Financial Recording) for the previous year. This includes the club’s start and end of year bank balances, and itemised income and expenditure
  5. A list of the club’s assets (i.e; any non-perishable equipment/resources that could be sold at a later date)
  6. A current copy of the club’s Constitution and Member Protection Policy
  7. The club’s updated Bank Account details and signatories
  8. Details and evidence (e.g: photos/promotional materials/etc.) of at least two events or activities (other than General Meetings) run in the previous calendar year.

FUSA will contact clubs if there are any concerns or queries regarding their application, and the club’s affiliation will continue as long as all documentation is submitted by the deadline (the club does not need formal written approval of affiliation). Clubs who fail to submit all documentation by the deadline may be disaffiliated.

FUSA will work with clubs who have incorrect/inaccurate documentation following application. Only in extreme cases (e.g: severe mismanagement, refusal to follow directions, fraudulent documents, etc.) will a club be otherwise disaffiliated.

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