Changing the formal name of your club/association

Your club or association's formal name is the name listed within its Constitution (i.e; the last version approved by FUSA). Changes to the club's formal name (like all changes to its constitution) must be approved in a General Meeting of the club's membership. To formally change...

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Office Bearers (Club Executive)

The club is required to maintain a minimum of three office bearers, who are tasked with the responsibility of managing the club. These office bearers must be elected via a democratic process in a General Meeting of the club's membership. The office bearers are elected each year...

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Keeping receipts

Copies of valid, itemised store receipts and tax invoices must be retained and produced on request. It's a good idea to scan/photograph your receipts to avoid loss/damage. A valid receipt or tax invoice must contain at minimum: 1. Clearly written "Tax Invoice", "Receipt" or other evidence of payment (e.g: "PAID", attached EFTPOS slip, etc.) 2. Full name of supplier (store/individual/etc.) 3. Date of purchase 4. Description of item/service 5. Amount paid The club may not reimburse a club member before the member provides a valid receipt or tax invoice showing that the expense was paid. If the club member cannot produce a receipt, email...

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Membership Register

Clubs are required to maintain a register of their members, containing the following records for each member: Full Name Email Address Flinders University Student ID Date the member signed up with the club All affiliated clubs must maintain a minimum of ten current Flinders University students, and the...

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Annual Review

Each year, clubs are required to submit documentation for Annual Review (formerly Re-Affiliation). Annual Review looks at compliance to it's obligations under FUSA regulations & policies, the club's previous calendar year, and ensures FUSA obtains the updated details and documentation of the club. To allow clubs...

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Permitted use of funding

Permitted With the exceptions outlined in the Restricted and Prohibited sections below, clubs may spend FUSA-provided funding if the expenses are either: 1. Are in line with the club's aims per its constitution, and; 2. Engage the club's membership and/or Flinders students, and/or; 3. Promotes the club and/or its activities. Restricted The club must obtain prior approval and follow any applicable directions from the Clubs Officer for expenses relating to: 1. Hire of contractors/services operating on Flinders' campuses 2. Payment to any club member other than for reimbursement 3. Donation of any funding to an individual or organisation 4. Payments to services where a club member may have a conflict of interest (e.g: family/friend relationship to owners/management, etc.) 5. Spending Pool Funding in a way that differs to the approved proposal (including any conditions of approval) Prizes and gifts may only be purchased under the following conditions: 1. No more than 25% of a club's funding may be spent on prizes per year. No more than 10% of a...

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Health & Safety

Clubs must adhere to the Health & Safety guidelines and any directions of FUSA staff when running club events & activities. Clubs must ensure they complete the Event Registration process with FUSA for any activities constituting more than a meeting (i.e; any activity constituting of more...

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Registering your events & activities

All events & activities beyond meetings (i.e; constitute more than a presentation or verbal discussion) must be registered with FUSA through the Event Registration Form, accessible via Manage Your Club. All requests to FUSA for room & space hire, equipment hire or promotion of club activities will...

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Maintaining Financial Records

The club is required to maintain a record of its financial records electronically, and must be able to produce these records upon request. These records must be able to be provided in Excel format if requested by FUSA. These records must include: All income received by...

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Remaining not-for-profit

All FUSA affiliated clubs must remain not for profit under the FUSA Club Regulations. While the club may receive income (e.g: through ticket/merchandise sales, sponsorship, etc.), all profits must be returned to the club and reinvested into the club's activities. The club may not operate in...

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