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All FUSA affiliated clubs must remain not for profit under the FUSA Club Regulations. While the club may receive income (e.g: through ticket/merchandise sales, sponsorship, etc.), all profits must be returned to the club and reinvested into the club’s activities. The club may not operate in a manner aimed at returning a profit toward any registered club member (including the Club Executive) or their immediate families.

Unless via prior written approval by FUSA’s Clubs & Events Officer (or delegate), a club must not:

  • Pay a registered club member or their immediate families for any service or product (except for reimbursement of actual incurred costs for club expenses, upon supply of receipt);
  • Provide a gift of more than $20 to a registered club member or their immediate families;
  • Make a donation and/or payment to any organisation of which any registered club member has a pecuniary interest

Failure to adhere to these conditions is considered a ‘Major Breach’ of the club’s obligations under the FUSA Club Regulations, which may lead to any combination of disaffiliation of the club, debt recovery measures taken against the club and/or club executive, and/or the reduction or removal of access to club funding. In extreme cases, FUSA may submit a police report and may undertake legal action against the offending party.


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