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Membership Register

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Clubs are required to maintain a register of their members, containing the following records for each member:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Flinders University Student ID
  • Date the member signed up with the Club

All affiliated Clubs must maintain a a membership of at least ten current Flinders University students, and the membership composition must always be more than 50% current Flinders University students. A membership list containing details for at least ten current Flinders University students is required to be submitted during the Club’s affiliation.

As the Club cannot be expected to know each student’s enrolment, members will be considered “current” if they have a valid student ID number, have the date the member signed up recorded, and have signed up to the club within the 24 months of the current date. This membership register must be maintained, and may be requested by FUSA at any time. The Club is required to send a copy of the updated membership list to FUSA once per year as part of its Annual Review.

If it is suspected that the Club has falsified membership records, FUSA has access to the Club’s past membership records and the Flinders University student information system to check if false information has been provided. If records have been falsified, the Club will be referred to Student Council for further action; which may lead to the Club receiving formal warning, penalties, or even being disaffiliated from the Flinders University Student Association.

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