Office Bearers (Club Executive)

The club is required to maintain a minimum of three office bearers, who are tasked with the responsibility of managing the club. These office bearers must be elected via a democratic process in a General Meeting of the club's membership. The office bearers are elected each year...

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Membership Register

Clubs are required to maintain a register of their members, containing the following records for each member: Full Name Email Address Flinders University Student ID Date the member signed up with the club All affiliated clubs must maintain a minimum of ten current Flinders University students, and the...

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Setting up a bank account / changing bank signatories

To apply for Financial Affiliation, clubs must set up a not-for-profit bank account registered in the name of the club. This bank account must require a dual authorisation process for purchases, and the club must maintain at least two current executive members as signatories (i.e; at...

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Drafting your Constitution

Clubs should refer to Section 11 (Required Provisions of Club Constitutions) under the FUSA Clubs & Associations Regulations regarding drafting their constitution. The current regulations can be accessed via Manage Your Club. Typically, Constitutions for FUSA affiliates are required to contain: The official name of the...

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Applying for Affiliation

To access any FUSA resources (such as equipment, funding, printing, etc.), the club must first apply for affiliation with the Flinders University Student Association at either the Non-Financial, Financial or Academic Association level. To apply, see Starting a Club. If the club wishes to "upgrade" from...

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Types of Affiliation

There are multiple levels of affiliation with the Flinders University Student Association. Clubs who intend to play competitive sports recognised by the Australian Institute of Sport should instead seek affiliation with Flinders One Sport. The levels of affiliation with FUSA are outlined below. Non-Financial Affiliation provides clubs with a...

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Club & Association Regulations

The FUSA Club Regulations outline the minimum requirements for all affiliated clubs. It is a condition of the club's continued affiliation with FUSA that it adhere to these regulations on an ongoing basis. Clubs should ensure they have read and understand the Club Regulations prior...

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Annual General Meeting / General Meetings

The club is required to run at least one General Meeting open to and advertised to the club's membership, each calendar year. The club may optionally require more than one General Meeting to be held under its constitution. The club's required General Meeting to formerly re-elect its office bearers and provide its annual reports is known as its "Annual General Meeting"....

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